Adorable humidifiers for kids rooms

While we were away, the following question found its way to our mailbox:

Q: I remember from reading The Diva Spot that you got the Crane humidifier from Target (the penguin one). Our family needs at least one more for our son’s room. How do you like the penguin humidifier?

A: Little P loved his Penguin humidifier! The humidifiers are super cute and only have cool-mist so there’s no danger of burning little hands. What I also like about it is that it is really easy to fill and clean.

If you are concerned about performance, the Crane humidifier really performs for the low price of $35. We use it 24/7 – all year round. With this heavy useage, it was at least 14 months before we saw any signs of problems with the unit. At $2.50 / month that’s a good deal to me!

We recently replaced it with another humidifier by Crane – but Little P chose a cow model this time.


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