Works for me – playing with penguins

This week we got turned on to an online game / community for kids – Club Penguin.

This is a great site where your child can create his/her own penguin and explore a world filled with games and locations. Built-in features like “ultimate safe chat” make it a great solution for parents who are concerned about online safety.

Club Penguin offers two different user modes: member and non-member. Both modes allow players to create penguins and play games in the penguin universe. Playing games earn penguin coins. Members can buy items for their penguins like clothing or items for the penguin’s igloos with their earned penguin coins. The purchase option is turned off for non-members. Membership is $5.95 (US) / month.

10% of the membership fees from Club Penguin are used to support specific local and global projects. Currently, the team is focused on two building projects in a small Ugandan village and a children’s hospital project in Romania.

As a parent who has concerns about the games my son plays, I checked out the games on Club Penguin. No fighting! The games are all interesting, challenging and meet my standards of low-violence.

Some of the games like “match four” (a version of the real life game Connect Four) require interaction with other online players. But there are other games like “ice fishing” that users can play solo.

Club Penguin — it’s worth checking out if you have kids that like to play games online!

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  1. 1

    Margaret said,

    OK – I confess – I have been playing this for the last 45 minutes.

  2. 2

    A friend sent me the link. I need to sit my son down and let him explore more fully.

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