My 5-year old is uncontrolable

Q:How do you control a 5-year old’s behavior? Timeout does not work, he gets up and repeats the bad behavior.

Timeouts should work for 5-year olds. If you haven’t been using them and they are a new form of discipline, it will take a little bit of time before the system works effectively. But don’t give up!

If you put your child in time out, and he gets out, put him back in it until his time is up. After each time-out, have a discussion about what the time-out was for. If the behavior is repeated, give him another time-out, and repeat the discussion. Eventually it will sink in that you are not going to allow the behavior without consequences.

If timeout is not working, then you need to try another way of getting your child to understand that their behavior is inappropriate. I find that going to bed early without watching a favorite tv show is a killer – or take away a favorite video game for a day – You need to see what they really like to do and take that activity away from them. It may take more than one time or a variety of things- but keep trying. Good Luck!!!


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