TV-talk: who inspired you?

Q: There’s been a lot in the media about how TV affects children and shapes their personal view of themselves and the world around them. All TV programming is laden with messages – some are obvious, others are more veiled.

As a young girl which TV character inspired you most?

I was trying to think of a character and really couldn’t come up with one person – I really liked watching the Brady Bunch – and not because they had all these weird adventures- I just enjoyed seeing the “family” – mom dad and siblings- perhaps b/c I grew up with out a dad – I always wondered what it would be like.

“That Girl” was one of my favorite shows growing up (in reruns). I always thought Ann Marie was way cooler than Mary Tyler Moore. Despite the humor in the show, it did have some good messages:

  • Ann Marie was out there on her own, with her own apartment, and her own job that she loved (acting).
  • She had a groovy boyfriend (Donald) that stood by her with her despite what she did. That’s true love!
  • She was always committed to Donald — even though she had other offers.
  • With her hectic life, she managed to stay close to her Mom and Dad.
  • And let’s not forget — despite the problems she got into she was always fashionable!

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    Stacy said,

    I’d have to say Daisy Duke. I got to be her every afternoon. I liked how she was pretty, fashionable, strong and family oriented. Of course, I was also Lulu (also from The Dukes) since I was the only girl in the playground playing Dukes. I like how she really loved Boss Hogg even if he was a meanie! That wasn’t the best role-model, but I found a lot to admire in them.

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