Tasteful or tasteless?

I actually watched an ad on TV the other day, and the music in it really caught me off guard. It was one of the latest Wendy’s ads.

If you haven’t seen one yet, Wendy’s is using the song “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes in their ads now. Although the jury’s still out on whether the song is truly about the rumored meaning (personal pleasure) or not, the lyrics to this song are definitely not G-rated:

Body and beats
I stain my sheets
I don’t even know why
My girlfriend she’s at the end
She is starting to cry

Although the vocals aren’t used in the Wendy’s ads, it’s such a well known song that it’s impossible not to recognize it.

Wendy’s motto is “do what tastes right” — is this song really a good match for their wholesome family image?

Your turn: Should restaurants use provocative songs like this one in their marketing campaigns?

I dont think restaurants should use provocative songs in their ads – especially if they are trying to portray their restaurants as “family ” places. Why send a mixed message – it’s bad enough it is out there in so many other things.


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