American Idol – love it ? or hate it?

  1. Are you an American Idol junkie?
  2. Do you own any albums or songs by former American Idol contestants?
  3. What do you think of Simon?
  4. Which do you enjoy most: the auditions or the finals?
  5. If the American Idol auditions came to a city near you, would you go? Why?

Your turn: tag! you’re it — play along below.

Here are
my answers:

  1. Yes I am an American Idol Junkie – Thank God for DVR!!!
  2. No I don’t own any albums.
  3. Simon- love him he tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat it.
  4. The finals – I hate the audtions and when they are rude and mean to the people that can’t sign – but really think they can.
  5. No – I wouldn’t go – I know I can’t sign – why waste the time…..

Here are my
thoughts on AI:

  1. This is only the 2nd (non-consecutive) season I’ve seen, so I refuse to qualify myself as a junkie yet!
  2. I don’t own any albums, but I have 2 Idol MP3s.
  3. Simon keeps it real dawg.
  4. The finals showcase who has the real talent — I just wish they pick better genres for them to sing!
  5. Pitchy? You ain’t heard nothing yet!

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