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When is quitting a good thing?

Recently I went to one of my favorite sites, Kidley, and I saw that they have have taken a leave from blogging.

Their reason:

we have been struggling as a family to find the right balance of life, work and blogging. Unfortunately life has been suffering more and more

Although we will miss their creative stream of fun activities and information, I want to give a big shout out for quitting for the right reasons.

Although the Diva Spot just an itty bitty blog in the giant blogosphere, we can understand some of the concerns our friends at Kidley had.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at an organized blog: planning the posts, finding links, creating images, writing and editing content, managing comments.

As more and more Moms out there turn to blogging we applaud them expressing themselves creatively. Just don’t lose sight of who your real audience is — your family at at home!

Best wishes to everyone at Kidley and we hope to see them again someday 🙂


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My 5-year old is uncontrolable

Q:How do you control a 5-year old’s behavior? Timeout does not work, he gets up and repeats the bad behavior.

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