Eggshell planting ideas

With all the eggshells left from Easter, here’s something you can do with them. Start your spring garden!

Click here for instructions from Highlights magazine to make the clown egg planter in the photo above.

To make a simple eggshell planter, you’ll need:

    Potting soil
    Grass seed or bean seeds
    Hot glue sticks and glue gun or white glue
    A small clay saucer


  1. Take a large egg and crack the shell about one-fourth of the way from the top by tapping the egg against the edge of the counter or a bowl. Empty the contents of the egg into a bowl. Rinse the eggshell with water and dry it gently with a paper towel.
  2. Glue the eggshell to the clay saucer.
  3. Fill the eggshells a little over halfway with potting soil.
  4. Add many grass seeds or two bean seeds (in case one doesn’t sprout).The grass seed takes a few weeks to grow, but the bean seeds will spring up in just a few days.

How a seed grows by Helene J. Jordan is a great book for younger kids that will be fun to read and goes along with this activity.


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13 things to make your house smell good

Don’t have time to do a really complete spring cleaning? Here are some tips to get your house smelling fresh – fast!

  1. bake bread — the house will smell delicious all day!
  2. simmer cinnamon sticks with apple slices, or orange peels in water on the stove
  3. burn scented candles
  4. Febreeze
  5. burn incense
  6. put out bowls with sponges that have vanilla extract on them
  7. open the windows and let the fresh air in
  8. sprinkle carpet deodorizer on your carpets, leave, then vacuum
  9. dried eucalyptus in arrangements smells great
  10. use plug-in fresheners in hidden locations
  11. spray your favorite perfume on an unlit lightbulb – the heat will warm up the scent and make the room smell great
  12. put out dishes of dried rosemary and lavender, or in sachets in closets or drawers
  13. use a product like Fridge-it to capture unwanted odors

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Works for me – quick cleanups in the car

This is one of my best car secret weapons — I have a can of Wet Ones stored in my car’s console. You know that place I mean – that catch-all area between the two front seats? I keep a can there for quick clean ups and it comes in super handy!

  • Sticky fingers — gotcha covered!
  • Spills — not a problem!
  • Messy faces – not anymore!

Remember to visit Rocks In My Dryer for more great Works for Me Wednesday ideas!

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Spring thoughts

Spring is in the air! Time to get ready for summer and warmer weather and pack up all our winter items for next year.

  1. What is your favorite part of spring?
  2. What is your favorite spring flower?
  3. Do you do spring cleaning? What products do you use?

Your turn: Do you have spring fever? Share your answers!
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Trick me once

…shame on you! Trick me twice, shame on me! Did you get tricked on April Fool’s day — or were you the trickster? Share your April Fool’s prank stories with us!

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Hairstyles for Sanjaya

American Idol fans know that Sanjaya has been experimenting with hairstyles on the show. He changes his hairstyle from week-to-week to what purpose? Try new looks? Match his music selection? We’re not quite sure. But we have some new styles for Sanjaya to try out:

Teen Idol Sanjaya

Sanjaya Goes Reggae

Heavy Metal Sanjaya

Sanjaya the Announcer – in case they need a replacement for Seacrest next season

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Yummy new ice cream treats

TGIF – do you have a reason to celebrate this weekend? Or just treat yourself to a little “happy?” Here’s a great way to do it: new treats from Ben & Jerry’s.

I’ll be on the lookout for these in my area of the US:

  • ‘wich Ice Cream cookie sandwich: chocolate chunk cookies with vanilla fudge chip ice cream smashed between them — yummy! These remind me of those Ben and Jerry’s brownie bars that I couldn’t resist.
  • Berried Treasure – blueberry / blackberry / and lemon swirled sorbet. This proves goodness doesn’t have to be smothered in chocolate (but it never hurts!)

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